Story Patch Screen Shots!

This is the main screen of Story Patch. From here you can start new stories, edit old stories, share stories, and read stories. You can also access the tutorial here at any time, and see information about the people that created Story Patch.
This is the screen for starting a new story. From here you can either start a story from scratch without any help, or use one of the story themes included with Story Patch to help you create a story.
Here is the story editor view of Story Patch. The story editor shows the current page of the story you are editing. Each page can contain illustrations and text, giving you freedom to craft beautiful stories!
This image shows you the BUILD-A-CHARACTER feature of Story Patch. You can create characters for Story Patch and customize their facial expressions, body position and colors of body parts and clothing.
This is the story manager that is included with Story Patch. From here you can copy, rename and delete stories that you have created.