Sep 2010

New Zoom/Rotate video

I noticed while some friends’ kids were playing with Story Patch, that they sometimes had difficulty with the two finger gestures for zooming and rotating illustrations in the story. I just finished a feature that should make it easier for kids to use these features. When you press and hold your finger on an illustration, the popup menu now has some sliders that let you adjust zoom and rotation. Hopefully this makes it easier for the little ones to get their stories looking exactly they way they want! This feature will be in the update I am publishing in a couple of weeks. Check out the video to see how it looks.

Story Patch Version 1.1 is in the works!

I am in the process of finalizing the features that will go into Version 1.1 of Story Patch. I should be sending this to apple in a couple of weeks so that it goes into review before our baby is born. Users can look forward to the following in this update:

-Search: Instead of scrolling through all of the image categories to find the perfect illustration, you will be able to search for items.
-More story themes: More themes that younger readers can use to help build stories with help.
-Interface improvements: Rotating and zooming will have some new controls to give users more control and make it easier for little fingers to configure illustrations.
-Some other minor tweaks and changes.

If there is something else you would like to see in an update, be sure to send email here so I know what kinds of features users would like to see. I have received some nice emails from folks using the application, but it would be great to hear from more of you!

Where are the videos?

Little did I know, shooting video of an iPad in action is harder than it looks! I shot a bunch of video of the various features of Story Patch, but unfortunately the camera I am using (Kodak Zi8), does not do such a great job of focusing at distances that make it easy to see what is displayed on the iPad. Blurry videos are probably not very useful to my customers, so I decided to wait until I could post something of higher quality. I borrowed a camera that should do a better job with this type of video, so you should see the product videos soon. Sorry for the delay!

Story Patch Demo Went Great

On Wednesday night, I gave a demo of Story Patch at the Phoenix iOS Developer Group. I received some nice feedback from the folks there and felt the demo went well. If you are interested in iPhone/iPad development and live in Phoenix, you should check this group out--There are a lot of very bright people at the meetings and the mailing list they run has some good discussion. Be sure to check it out!