Aug 2010

Story Patch is now available!

Well, after months of work, Story Patch is now finally available. So, here are a few quick comments about this site, blog, and the application:

Why is there a website for Story Patch?
Right now Story Patch is a stand alone application, but the long term plan is to have content available online that customers can download to enhance their experience. I would like for folks to be able to share stories with each other so their children will have an ever expanding library of stories to read and play with in Story Patch. is where this will all happen. So after you purchase Story Patch, make sure to come back and see how things are going with adding new features to the application and the growing community that I hope to create.

Why do you have a blog on Isn’t there already a developer blog on
The blog on the Haywoodsoft website will be focused more on general development issues and other products. The Story Patch blog will focus only on things related to Story Patch (like upcoming features, feedback from customers, etc.). Story Patch is my flagship application and I wanted it to have its own home.

About the application...

Now that Story Patch has been released “into the wild” I would like to say a few things about the app itself:
  • This was A LOT of fun--Developing Story Patch was a very enjoyable process for me. I found a lot of satisfaction developing something that allows kids to be creative and is very visually appealing. I learned some new stuff along the way too, so I always felt like my mind was engaged by this project. At my old job, our software was more like hammers (very useful, but not fun to use). It is still very refreshing for me to be able to create software now that brings people joy and is not just something they need for getting a job done.
  • The iPad platform--I really like developing for the iPad. The extra real estate on the screen made me rethink parts of the design, but the extra size opens up a lot of new possibilities as well. Some of the new technologies that Apple added to iOS 3.2 were really nice to work with and certainly made life easier.
  • Seeing users smile--When I was testing Story Patch, one of my good friends let me use his kids for beta testing the application. After writing code for months, it was great to finally see some kids playing with the app and having a great time. The kids of course gave some good feedback about things they would like in the app, but seeing them smile and having so much fun playing with Story Patch made me very happy and I felt like all the work was worth it.
  • People I need to thank--Story Patch would never have been possible without help from my wife. She gave me a lot of great ideas and encouragement, and turned out to be a great tester too. So a big “Thank You!” goes out to my wife for all of her support, encouragement and tolerance of me during the development of this application. I also need to thank Kevin Lane for the wonderful graphic design he did for the menus, icons and interfaces in Story Patch. He was wonderful to work with and I look forward to working with him more in the future.

I hope that my customers enjoy using Story Patch as much as I enjoyed creating it. I have a lot of features planned for the first update release so stay tuned for updates. Thanks for stopping by, and if you would like to send feedback, feel free to use the feedback form here. Thanks!