Story Patch Version 1.1 is in the works!

I am in the process of finalizing the features that will go into Version 1.1 of Story Patch. I should be sending this to apple in a couple of weeks so that it goes into review before our baby is born. Users can look forward to the following in this update:

-Search: Instead of scrolling through all of the image categories to find the perfect illustration, you will be able to search for items.
-More story themes: More themes that younger readers can use to help build stories with help.
-Interface improvements: Rotating and zooming will have some new controls to give users more control and make it easier for little fingers to configure illustrations.
-Some other minor tweaks and changes.

If there is something else you would like to see in an update, be sure to send email here so I know what kinds of features users would like to see. I have received some nice emails from folks using the application, but it would be great to hear from more of you!