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Wired Educator Feb. 17, 2011
Story Patch, A Storytelling iPad App for Children
“Story Patch, by Haywoodsoft LLC, is a fun storytelling iPad app for children that puts both a child’s creativity and the awesomeness of a touchscreen to great use.” Feb. 4, 2011
Great iPad Apps for Kids
“Kids have been stapling pieces of paper together for generations to make their own books. Now you can write your stories on the iPad, using photos from your library or a wide range of clip art. The app will even help you write a story, often with hilarious results depending on how you answer the questions. You'll have no writer's block here!” Sept. 23, 2010
Story Patch: A New Storytelling iPad App for Fun, Education and Sharing
“On the surface, Story Patch is already a great app. You can create a story, as short or as long as you want, complete with words and images. The program is obviously aimed at kids, but can be fun for grown ups, too.” Jan. 26, 2011
Story Patch: App Update and Giveaway!
“It was very fun to play around with myself, and my kids loved it. It’s an excellent example of an app that encourages creativity and interaction with a device.”

Lunch Box Reviews Jan. 25, 2011
Wonderful Application, Great for Bonding
“All in all, Story Patch is wonderful learning tool and a great opportunity for parents and kids to bond. “

The Apple Blog Dec. 22, 2011
8 iPad Apps to Keep the Kids Busy on That Long Drive
“I used to love writing stories and making picture books when I was a kid, and Story Patch brings that to the iPad with additional tools that should make story time enjoyable for all.”

Appolicious Sept. 7, 2010
Story Patch the ideal story creator for your kids
“Story Patch is cleverly designed, with the specific goal of helping kids grow by creating a fun and educational book they can assemble by themselves or with the help of their parents.” Sept. 7, 2010
Phoenix app publisher helps children create books
“This clever app utilizes the iPads' rich set of graphics tools to bring interactivity and engaging content to children.”

Best Kids Apps
Story Patch for the iPad
“Story Patch is a five-dollar app, which might seem expensive at first. Trust me though, if your kids love to tell funny and original stories, it’s a bargain at twice that price.”

The iPhone Mom
Story Patch
“Story Patch does a wonderful job providing an outlet for creativity. I think the developers were very smart when they created an app that could benefit older, independent writers as well as the younger ones.”