What is Story Patch?

Story Patch is a beautiful new application for the iPad that children can use to write stories.  Think of Story Patch as a way to create picture books with your child quickly and easily on your iPad.  Story Patch does all of the hard work, freeing your child to be creative and share his or her ideas in a delightful and inventive way.

What are the key features of Story Patch?

  • Story Patch comes with over 800 illustrations that can be used to bring your child's stories to life.
  • Story Patch also comes with characters that your child can customize!  Create characters that fit seamlessly into each page of your story by changing facial expressions, body position, skin and hair color, and more!
  • Story Patch has easy-to-use controls for making illustrations look exactly the way your child wants.  Want to move something, just drag it.  Want to make an illustration smaller, just pinch it.  Need to rotate something, put two fingers on it and turn.  It is that simple!
  • Story Patch allows your child to import photos from the iPad’s photo library to use as backdrops in a story.  This is a unique way for children to tell friends and relatives about their birthday party, the family vacation, or any other special event!
  • After your child has created his or her masterpiece, share it with friends and family by emailing a PDF version of the story with just a tap of a button.  This is a great way to stay connected with grandparents!
  • Story Patch also includes a set of story themes that younger children can use to create stories with help. After your child selects a theme, Story Patch asks your child a series of questions and then builds a story based on his or her responses. Story Patch inserts all of the text, so your child simply has to illustrate each page of the story. When your child finishes with his or her illustrations, you can read the completed story to your child. This is a wonderful feature that helps younger readers learn to write stories using Story Patch!

What kinds of illustrations are included in Story Patch?

Story Patch includes just about everything your child can imagine. We tried to include a lot of the things children see in their everyday lives, as well as the things that we hear them making up stories about. Some of the categories of illustrations include: Animals, dinosaurs, food, cars, clothing, items for school, music and much more!

What age groups is Story Patch appropriate for?

Story Patch is fun for all ages of kids. Here are some things to consider for each age group:

  • Early readers--Story Patch was designed specifically for children that have just started reading, or have been reading for a few years. Children in this age group enjoy storytelling with Story Patch because it frees them from time consuming details of story creation like hand printing text and creating illustrations. Story Patch allows your child to focus on being creative and bringing his or her vision to life!
  • Pre-readers--For children who have not started reading yet, Story Patch is very valuable. Young children love to play with the illustrations on the iPad screen by moving them around, making objects grow bigger and smaller, and pointing out what each object is. A fun game for parents is to place images on a story page and have their child name what is on the screen. A great way to increase your child’s vocabulary!

Aside from just being fun, how can my child benefit if I purchase Story Patch?

  • Unleashing your child's creativity-- Children can be extremely imaginative with Story Patch because the software takes care of all of the tedious aspects of creating a story. When you were a kid writing a story in school, remember how much effort was spent on printing a few lines of text and sketching a few drawings by hand? You spent so much time on those details that there was little time left to create a truly original story and bring your vision to life. With Story Patch, the time consuming details disappear because there are so many illustrations at you child's disposal and typing is a breeze on the iPad. Your child can scroll through hundreds of illustrations for inspiration on choosing a story theme. This allows your child to devote his or her time to being creative and crafting a memorable story. There is a popular saying in business that people should work smarter, not harder. With Story Patch, your child can CREATE smarter, not harder.
  • Hours of fun engaging your child's mind— Children are inherently creative, and storytelling is a NATURAL behavior for kids. Story Patch provides children with a new avenue for exploring the fun and excitement of telling stories. Because Story Patch is so intuitive, it encourages children to delve deeper into their creative selves to compose original stories about everything from saving the world, to winning a world championship, to befriending animals in the forest. Story Patch will provide hours of entertainment while it engages your child's mind and stimulates new ideas—a great alternative to spending hours in front of the television!

Why is storytelling so important for children?

Storytelling teaches children many valuable skills. To compose a good story, a writer must organize his or her thoughts to effectively communicate ideas. While your child is having fun exploring imaginary worlds inside Story Patch, he or she also is developing critical communication skills that will be beneficial later in life.

Storytelling also challenges children to find new ways to communicate their ideas. After all, nobody wants to tell the same story over and over again! By using Story Patch, your child will learn to express ideas in different ways—and will have so much fun in the process that your child won't realize that he or she is learning too!

What are some other fun ways to benefit from Story Patch?

  • Party games--Have the first player add illustrations to a page and pass the iPad to the next player. Then the second player must add text to describe the scene on the page. Continue passing the iPad until a whole story is created. See what kinds of funny ideas you and your friends can invent! Great fun for kids AND adults!
  • Reading practice for children--Create stories for your child to practice reading new words. Use the illustrations to help provide context, so your child is able to comprehend new words faster!
  • Topic specific stories for children--Have you ever gone to the bookstore and not been able to find a children’s book that teaches a specific lesson that you wanted your child to learn? Now you can use Story Patch to create that story yourself and share it with your child!
  • Learning games--Story Patch can be used for many different learning games. Is your child learning to count? Create story pages with different numbers of dinosaurs (or any other object) and teach your child about numbers! Is your child just learning to read? With over 800 illustrations, Story Patch can help expand your child's vocabulary.

Where can I get Story Patch?

Story Patch is available from the App Store. Click here to be taken directly to the Story Patch page on the App Store!

What platforms does Story Patch run on?

Story Patch runs on Apple’s iPad. It does not run on the iPhone or iPod touch at this time.

I bought Story Patch, and I have some questions about the features. Where can I go for answers and support?

Be sure to check out our support page for answers to questions about the features of Story Patch. If the support page does not answer your question, please contact technical support here.

I don’t have any problems with Story Patch, but would like to give some feedback. Where can I give you feedback?

We love to hear from our customers. If you would like to give us feedback about Story Patch, please feel free to contact us here.